5 Reasons You Should Sell Your House to PrimeBuyers in Bakersfield

No matter why you need to sell your home, whether you can not afford to make the repairs any longer or you are ready for a change, at PrimeBuyers, solving your problems is our focus. Because our homes are usually one of the most significant investments we make in life, the method of selling your house is critical. The professionals at PrimeBuyers listen very carefully to you because we understand how important it is to feel confident you made the right choice about such a significant decision. Read on to learn five of the reasons you should sell your house to PrimeBuyers in Bakersfield.


If time is not on your side right now, PrimeBuyers has a solution for you. Once you have decided to sell, why wait, you should sell your house to PrimeBuyers in Bakersfield and close fast. Working with PrimeBuyers means working with an entire team on your side from every walk of the real estate industry. Every professional needed for the process is available in-house, allowing PrimeBuyers to skip all of the time spent scheduling for inspections and appraisals and all of the other long, drawn-out and complicated procedures of a typical real estate transaction. 

No Expenses

You should also sell your house to PrimeBuyers in Bakersfield because there is absolutely no cost to you. Unlike working with a traditional real estate agent, at PrimeBuyers, there are no commissions deducted from the sales price. There is no need to prep to worry about when you work with PrimeBuyers because you avoid the costly and uncomfortable showing process. PrimeBuyers buys houses in as-is condition, so you do not need to worry about replacing appliances or making expensive repairs. 


While homes sit on the traditional real estate market, the monthly bills, mortgage, and insurance do not stop showing up in your mail. You should sell your house to PrimeBuyers in Bakersfield because all of the expenses tied to owning the property will cease. Due to the speed at which PrimeBuyers can complete the transaction and close, your guaranteed closing is usually in a matter of days or weeks, saving you thousands of dollars.


While not much in life is fair, you should sell your house to PrimeBuyers in Bakersfield because we take the time to make sure you are in complete agreement that our offer is fair in our straightforward contract. By working with PrimeBuyers, you will know just how we reached the offer because our policy is transparency at PrimeBuyers about the whole deal, including every number figured into the offer. If financial problems are crushing you, PrimeBuyers can step in and give you the resolution, you will feel good about working with us. 


One more reason you should sell your house to PrimeBuyers in Bakersfield is that we back our word with the freedom and power of cash. Because our system has bypassed the conventional lender, we are free to move into action promptly when you decide that it is time to sell your home. Have you spent sleepless nights wondering how long your home will linger on the market before you escape your financial burdens? The power of cash means no more restless nights. In a short time, you will be walking away from closing with cash in your hand. 

There are many more reasons you should sell your house to PrimeBuyers in Bakersfield. PrimeBuyers welcomes you to ask any questions or share your concerns with us about your property, with no obligation. PrimeBuyers makes it easy to sell your house in Bakersfield. Ready to learn more? Contact PrimeBuyers at 805-215-7740 today.

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